1.  Speech practice is today after school in the cafeteria. An additional practice will be held on Monday after school to prepare for the banquet on Wednesday.  All speechies must attend the practice.


  • 2.  MN Honor Society Members, you need to recycle today. Thank you.


       3.  Juniors – The ACT will be Tuesday.  Meet at Our Savior’s Church at 8:15 a.m.  Bring your calculator and pencils.


       4.  Prom decorating will take place next week in the auditorium.


       5.  FFA students attending State Convention - the 4pm van is now leaving at 2:30pm on Sunday.


       6.  FFA soils team meet during 4A today to study textures.


       7.  Triple Threat Basketball Camp for all boys K-11 will be held on June 18-20th. Registration forms can be turned into Coach Walker at school, or mailed in to the address on the form. If you need a form, see Coach Walker, or both offices will have copies as well. Try to get registered for the camp before school is out in May!


       8.  Spring sports participants – fees must be paid before the first event!  Questions, see Stacey.


       9.  Jr. high baseball schedule this week: Today – 8th grade only. Tomorrow – 7th grade only.


     10.  TODAY: All events cancelled


     11.  TOMORROW: All events cancelled.


     12.  Lunch today: Pizza hotdish, cooked carrots, apple slices.


     13.  Happy Birthday today to Blayden Determan and Blake Paplow



       1.  Midterm is Tuesday with grades due Friday morning.


       2.  The auditorium is off-limits next week due to prom decorating.


       3.  Coaches and advisors, please get lists of participants and letterwinners to Mrs. Frasher & Mr. Pack as soon as you get them ready.  Thanks. 


       4.  MN Honor Society Members will be recycling today, so please have your recycling bins outside your door in the hallways by 8 am. Thanks.


       5.  Detention this week: Mrs. Wilmes.


       6.  The following students will be gone on Monday, April 23 and Tuesday, April 24 for FFA State Convention: Kegan Zimmermann, Kennedy Vold, and Ryon Zimmermann, Ryker Duroe, Zakary Zimmermann, Lanee Myers, Amanda Hartson, Ken Celedon, and Sam Dammann.


       7.  The following students will be gone on Monday, April 23 for State FFA Convention: Cade Bittner, Derek Werner, Jack Derickson, Trenton Halvorson, Hannah Nelson.


       8.  FYI: Varsity baseball players will be playing 2 games at Sioux Falls on Monday and will miss afternoon classes for sure, and possibly 4th hour as well.