1.  “Ugly (Christmas) Sweater Day” for students & staff will be tomorrow.

       2.  Knowledge Bowl will practice again next Monday, December 18, at 7:45AM. I need to see you before break, so please put this on your calendar and be sure to be at practice next Monday. Thanks.

       3.  The following students need to get band bills paid: Maddie Evans, Stephanie Amsden, Jada Radmaker, Edson Flores-Bleess, Riley Jones, David Gabrielson, Bryton Grother, Cierra Gode, Jessica Lopez, Erick Flores, Addison Irlbeck, Jenna Paplow, Haillie Morin, and Kaytlyn Wells.

       4.  Juniors! There are not very many opportunities for college scholarships as a junior – but I do have one for you. The MN Association of Townships offers a $1,000 scholarship. For more information, check out www.mntownships.org

       5.  Concessions this week: Today – Yearbook; Tomorrow – Juniors/Seniors.  Sign up with Mr. Hubert or on the cafeteria door.

       6.  Congratulations to Brady Rasmussen for being selected as KNUJ Basketball Player of the Week.  He can be heard on Saturday morning on 860 AM between 10:00 – 11:00 AM.

       7.  TODAY: Jr. high GBB vs. Wabasso at Lamberton.  Jr. high BBB at Wabasso at 4:00.  Bus leaves Lamberton at 3:15. GBB vs. WWG at Lamberton at 6:00.

       8.  TOMORROW: Wrestling tournament at Redwood Falls at 4:00.  Bus leaves Lamberton at 12:10. BBB at Mt. Lake at 5:00. Bus leaves Lamberton at 3:50. Walking Taco supper at Mt. Lake from 4:30 – 7:30.  GBB vs. Madelia at Lamberton at 6:00.

       9.  SATURDAY: Wrestling tournament at Redwood Falls at 9:00 a.m. Bus leaves Lamberton at 5:50 a.m.

     10.  Lunch today: Quesadillas, lettuce salad, broccoli, mandarin oranges.

     11.  Happy Birthday today to Sydney Vogel.


       1.  Detention this week: Ms. Zarrett

       2.  Choir and band students are being fitted with their formal wear. Some students will need to try garments on, which takes time and this happens mostly after choir during period 5. This interruption to period 5 will be as short as I can make it. I’ll also try to take care of some students in period 4. Thanks for your understanding. Bob.

       3.  Kegan Zimmermann, Max Myers, Kallie Mattison, Hannah Nelson, Alex Thillen, Lanee Myers, Carley Baumann and Shelby Gabrielson will be gone today for Youth Leadership class.

       4.  The following individuals will be gone next week Monday, December 18 for a FFA competition: Kegan Zimmermann, Max Myers, Lanee Myers, Carley Baumann, Hannah Nelson and Kallie Mattison.